Welcome to Ethiopian Employers' Federation

The EEF is the premier employers' organization in Ethiopia. As a national employers' organization, the EEF is grouped with sister Federations and branches all over the country as well as Sectoral associations of the private sector. It is the vital and considered voice with regard to business, employment, labor, industrial relations, social issues, etc in the nation.

  • Giving advice and court appearance on labor relations and other disputes
  • Reviewing and analyzing government matters policies
  • Participate in drafting an amendment for members on collective bargaining process.
  • Conducting collective bargaining negotiation
  • Representation of employers before the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Communicate with members on regular basis regarding topical issues through industrial relations news
  • Representing employers views on economic and labor issues in various local and international business forums
  • Promote the spirit of tripartism among employers and workers in formulating and implementing labour, economic and social policy.

EEF is now successfully expanding in providing training. EEF training programme will equip members with knowledge and skills essential for success in business performance. The training includes:

  • Good leadership
  • Corporate governance
  • Team building
  • Management skills development
  • Labour law
  • Industrial relation
  • Kayzen training
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • Performance appraisal
  • Strategic management
  • Negotiation skills
  • Managing organizational change
  • Social dialogue and collective bargaining
  • Hotel management
  • Time management
  • Transformational leadership
  • Team building
  • Marketing Research
  • Managerial Communication
  • Business communication
  • Organizational communication
  • Public Relations

As a member, EEF provides you with a wide range of services that include a highly qualified team of senior experts, who offer legal services. Members also benefit from training that enables member organizations to profit from and embrace the culture of best practices in the workplace.

Below is a detailed list of EEFs member benefits.

  1. Lobbying and advocacy on behalf of employers.
  2. Industrial relations and legal representations
    Free guidance on industrial disputes, conflict management, collective bargaining and collective agreements.
  3. Projects and Capacity Building
    Using donor-funded initiatives, EEF has done on tackling Child Labour Education on occupational safety and Health and HIV/AIDS workplace programme
  4. EEF Training and Capacity Building
    EEF provides various training to its members.
  5. Nationwide Branches
    This allows EEF to deliver service to members in all the regions in the country.

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